Monday, December 10, 2007

November News

Katie’s Comments:

Merry Christmas Everybody! It has been so fun to get into the spirit of Christmas with a new little angel in our home. We took Lucy to get her first Christmas tree-of course this consisted of her sleeping in a car seat that was covered in a blanket, but she was there! I just love Christmas time and Marc made a Christmas dream come true for me when he put up multi-colored lights on our house. I think the white lights are very elegant, but nothing says Christmas to me more than kids and color! We’d love to have any of you over for some hot chocolate and to also enjoy the lights whenever you can make it (provide it you are healthy). Lucy’s pediatrician advised us that we not really take Lucy anywhere very public where people would touch her until April! When he first said this I wanted to cry in his office, but I held strong and Marc and I are figuring out how to make this work for our family.

Other excitement in our life has been getting into the wonderful world of blogging (I must warn you, it is very addictive). We have enjoyed placing updates about our little family on the World Wide Web for all of our friends and family to see. I am amazed at how many old friends I have connected with through seeing their blog. If you would like to check out our blog, you can go to her blog (

I have been adjusting to motherhood. I am totally in love with my little girl, but the whole not having any sort of ability to know when and how I will accomplish the other things in my life (like taking a shower or getting dressed) has been a bit tricky. Fortunately I have the world’s most understanding and supportive husband to help me through all of this. I must say though, I never knew I could love someone so much and when I say this, I mean Marc. Each day I fall more in love with him. He is a wonderful Daddy. I also knew I would love my child, but I had no idea how much I could love her so intensely. Each little cry or upset stomach she has gets me to the core and I just want to do everything in my power to comfort her. I highly recommend motherhood. It has been 31 years in the making, but I am 100% converted.

Grandma and Grandpa Sampson babysat Lucy. Grandpa commented, "That kid can really scream!" But Grandma worked her magic and Katie returned to a peaceful, sleeping little Lucy.

Other exciting news is that Hailey ran her first 5k! We are so proud of her. She ran a turkey trot on Thanksgiving Day. She did so in about 32 minutes and she hasn’t even been training! That girl must be in shape.

Melia is happy and always makes us laugh when we talk to her. She was very curious about when I would potty train Lucy (I am already feeling the pressure)! Melia is doing well despite a minor surgery she had last week to remove some bladder stones. She was able to return home after about a day. We are happy to know it went well as this is now something she will need to have done every few years.

We cannot wait to have our family together in Utah! Hailey and Melia will be here from December 28th-January 2nd! We are planning a slumber party on New Year’s Eve at Grandma and Grandpas’ house and we look forward to having you over for Lucy’s blessing on the 30th. Sacrament meeting starts at 11am and is located at about 1350 East 300 South in Provo. We’ll have some light refreshments at our home following.

Marc’s Musings:

Let’s start with Thanksgiving. We had a very nice holiday. Our friend, Heidi, came over in the morning and prepped the turkey. She was excited to be making her first Thanksgiving bird (although she actually made a “practice turkey” a few days before). After getting the bird in the oven, Heidi and I participated in a 10k run close to our house. I’m pleased to say that I took second place overall. I am not pleased to say that the only two participants were Heidi and I, and that she left me in the dust around Mile 2. Regardless, I did not feel one bit guilty eating TWO pieces of pie later that afternoon.

Later that afternoon, as the turkey was nearing completion, we had a little excitement. To fully appreciate the story, though, Katie needs to tell it, as she cannot make it through the tale without laughing so hard she almost cries. Let me summarize:

“Marc, fire! Big fire!”-Heidi;
“Just get in the shower. Don’t look at yourself in the mirror.”-Katie;
“My eyelashes are my thing!”-Heidi;
“You guys can laugh at me. It’s funny.”-Heidi

I wish we had pictures…

For a short time our home smelled like melting hair rather than tasty turkey. Let me assure you that nobody was hurt in the making of this turkey. After the excitement, things settled down and we had a lovely meal. Lucy slept through dinner, making it possible for the adults to eat and enjoy each other’s company. One of the activities that we did during dinner was to have each person take some candy corns from a bowl. Then we took turns going around the table and for each piece of candy, shared something that we were thankful for.

The next day Kevin and Jennifer stopped by to share a slice of pie with us and to play games. We had a great time, and the pie was darn tasty!

On another note, I finally received notification that I had passed my licensing exams. Now, I am official. I can practice independently and am free from supervision. Well, kinda. My boss says she wants to continue meeting with me on a regular basis because I am not on the hospital insurance panel, so everything has to be billed under her name. Mild depression has set in. I am hoping to be on the insurance panels by February. Regardless of the technicality, it’s great to put “licensed psychologist” after my signature. I couldn’t have had the time to prepare without Katie’s support. Thanks, Katie. And the blessing that Dad gave me provided the assurance I needed to prioritize and balance all of my responsibilities. Sure enough, what he promised me came to pass. Thanks, Dad. Thanks, too, to Mom, Hailey and Melia, and to the rest of the family who has been supportive over the years.

Work is going well. I have moved from LDS Hospital downtown to a new hospital just off of the 53rd South exit. It’s a beautiful campus and very technologically advanced. Here’s an interesting thing, though. When I would take public transportation to LDS, it would take just over an hour. Not a bad commute, and sometimes even faster than it would be to drive my own vehicle. To get to 53rd South takes two hours. Yep…half the distance, twice the time. I am frustrated, especially now that gas is over $3/gallon, making driving prohibitive. Turns out that my original plan to take an express bus to the Sandy Trax (light rail) station has a flaw. The express bus that goes to the station is more of a “connector” than an “express.” Sigh…So I’ve written the Utah Transit Authority an email, but I haven’t heard anything. I think a more formal letter might get a response. I can’t help but feel that others are just as frustrated as I am, so maybe I will start a petition or at least gather more support if my letter goes unanswered. In the meantime, I take the express bus to downtown, then take Trax back out to 53rd South. Only takes 90 minutes. One way.

Life with Lucy has been a re-education. It’s been more than 12 years since I last went through the baby stage with Melia, and I’ve forgotten a lot of things. She’s a great baby, and it’s been pretty easy to be reminded of things forgotten. The doctor told us to be careful of RSV this winter season, suggesting we don’t take her out into public places where she will be touched until April. April?! This could be tricky, especially for our sanity…

Finally, Ryan and Jayna met with Mom and Dad and us at our house for Family Home Evening this past week. I guess Mom and Dad have been going to an “empty nest” FHE group in the ward, but have not felt comfortable. Anyway, someone suggested that we young families get together with Mom and Dad. Ryan and Jayna organized it and we had a nice time singing songs, getting an update on family happenings, sharing a spiritual thought, making snowflakes, and, of course, eating a treat. I’m still not sure where Mom bought the cookies (Just kidding, Mom…she actually made them).

We are looking forward to the Christmas season when our families will be together. We are so grateful for the knowledge we have of the true meaning of Christmas. We are grateful for the blessings of the Priesthood, and the miracles we have seen wrought in our lives by its power. We trust in Our Father’s will and know that things will be okay.


Marc, Katie, Hailey, Melia, and Lucy

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