Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good Idea

What a good idea! Last week I found out Katie has a blog. Then Kevin gets a blog and THEN I find that David has a myspace page! This will be a great way for us to stay in touch. I loved the slideshow Katie. Good job at pulling this together.
Ok, so I will give this posting thing a whirl. News from our family. Carl is home! That is always a great statement. He is home until January 24th. Then he will go out for 4 months. It will be a very exciting tour for him. (or maybe I should say vacation) He is going to Alaska, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Hawaii, Guam. I think that is most of them. The way the cruise is set up they will hit a port every 2 weeks. Carl is excited about the ports.
Braden is growing and growing. To say he can walk would be an understatement...that boy runs. It was fun to see him recognize his Uncle Kevin last week. Austin is so big and losing teeth. Braden is getting them in and Austin is making a fortune from the tooth fairy.
Well I think I have "blogged" enough. Braden is emptying out my kitchen cupboard. I look forward to reading each or your blogs. Congrats to Kevin on winning the dutch oven cooking contest. We were impressed. And of course congrats to Katie and Marc for having a baby. She is so dang cute. WE love you guys.


Katie said...

Looks great! What a sweet family!

Lucy, Marc & Katie said...
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Lucy, Marc & Katie said...

Great pictures and write-up! Thanks for keeping us informed!

Happy Thanksgiving!